Manufacturing Process

Sourcing of raw materials from coffee plantations in Central and South America, Africa and Asia is an important first step to manufacture quality end-products.

With a 7-storey high spray drying tower, our fully-automated Kuala Lumpur coffee plant produces coffee products at low extraction rates for premium sensory quality. Volatile aromas are also captured by a sophisticated process to ensure that the end products retain a delicate flavour profile.

Providing our customers with one-stop solutions, packaging design is an integral part of our services. From glass jars to pouches, single sachets, big bags or bag-in-boxes, we will find the right solution for you.

Quality Management
Our organisation, processes and products are periodically audited according to ISO 9001, 14000, 22000 and standards accepted by the Global Food Safety Initiative (IFS and/or BRC). We guarantee that only materials complying with all quality requirements and specifications enter our processing facilities, as our suppliers too are subjected to regular reviews. Following the same criteria, all semi-finished and finished products are also sampled, checked and analysed in our laboratories. Full traceability and documented manufacturing processes are a matter of course.